You’ve decided to have stone countertops installed in your home or your commercial space, but if you’re like most people, you still aren’t quite sure what that entails. This is a multi-step process, but it helps us ensure that you get exactly the countertops you want and that we do the best job possible. From the first steps of selection through measuring and installation, we’ll work closely with you or your project manager to make sure you get the quality results that you expect and that we pride ourselves on providing.

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The first step is for you to choose the stone you want. We’ll ask you to either email us a rough plan that shows us your countertop design or bring it with you when you come in to see us. Don’t worry if this sketch isn’t perfect. We just need it to help you select the right stone and give you a rough estimate, but we’ll do very accurate measurements on site before we actually begin work.

You can then look at stones yourself and work with our staff to choose the countertop you want. After that, we will schedule a day to come to your home or commercial building for measurements. We can also talk to you about the total time frame you can expect for the entire project to its finish. The timeline will vary depending on such factors as what kind of stone you choose and how busy production is.

We work with granite, marble, quartz, corian, travertine and soapstone.


This process, which we may also refer to as “template,” can take an hour or two. It is important that we get precise measurements, and if there are any changes to your cabinets or anything else in the area where we’ll be installing your countertops, you need to let us know since we may need to remeasure.

To get those accurate measurements, we also need you to make sure of a few things before we arrive. First, all your appliances need to be in the right location. Next, your cabinets need to be in place. If you are having new cabinets installed, this has to be complete before we can take measurements.

Ideally, the person who selected the countertop and knows everything about the project should be on site. We may need to talk about a number of options including granite fabrication, overhangs, seams and backsplash. This is also the time to discuss your thoughts on shapes and corners. We’re the stone countertop experts, but you are the expert on how you want your space to look.

We’ll need you to clear off the countertops completely before we arrive as well as making sure any pathways are clear so we can safely and efficiently get the right measurements. If you have children or pets, they should be kept out of the area.


Scheduling and Fabrication

The next step will be scheduling an installation. Depending on what kind of stone you have chosen, you might also need to come back in to determine what parts of the slab you want used for the different areas of the countertop. This may not be necessary if you have chosen a stone with a more uniform look.


Installation might take a half to a full day depending on the complexity of the job. You should prepare by covering any furniture or other items that you do not want to gather dust and debris. Although we clean thoroughly, some debris may still escape, so it is better to keep as many things protected as possible. This is especially true if you have a drop-in sink or a cooktop we will be working around since we need to cut those on site, and this can create a lot of dust. The reason is that we cannot transport stone that has holes of that size in it. Top drawers of base cabinets as well as cabinets that hold the cooktop and sink need to be emptied.

We’ll need plenty of space in which to work. As was the case during measurements, we’ll need you to make sure any pets or kids are not in the installations area.

When the installation is finished, we’ll go over every detail with you to make sure we’ve done our work to your full satisfaction. This includes discussing the right fit and ensuring that we have cleaned thoroughly. We want you to have beautiful countertops that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Granite Installation in Denver
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